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Furniture Repair
An assessment of repair work is essential before the refinishing takes place. 
Antique Restoration
Furniture Refinishing
Kitchen Cabinets (more)
New Custom Cabinets 
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Our Services and Products
We take pride in our work and offer a wide selection of services with only quality materials used during the process. 
All of the services offered usually can be estimated within 
1-3 business days. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!
To define what is entailed in “restoring” a finish is entirely subjective. .
Refinishing furniture entails more to us than just stripping the wood, applying stain and spraying lacquer. 
Re-upholstery: is the art of stripping down your original piece, repairing, frame and springs if needed, re padding and new foam and materials if needed.
We specialize in kitchen cabinet restoration. Kitchen Cabinets can be Refinished, Glazed, Refaced, Re veneered and Redone to look like new!
We see the design process through from start to finish, from conceptual drawings and plans, to placement of art in the finished space. 
Services for you! Come Visit One of our Showrooms:
All Furniture Repair, Antique Restoration, Furniture Refinishing, Upholstery, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Re-facing, Fabrication, Custom Built In Cabinets, Century Homes Restoration, and more-all in one of our 6 locations!

​Our “service oriented” approach is the foundation of
FinishSmith Furniture Refinishing and Upholstery.

We only use the highest quality specialty finishes, touch-up products, additives, reducers, retarders and catalysts to meet all of our professional wood finishing needs. 

Our clear topcoat formulas are the best in the industry. Our clears exemplify state-of-the-art environmental and user safety, without sacrificing product quality or performance. Designed for interior wood surfaces exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals. Our clear topcoats are ideal for commercial mill-work, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry or general interior use. 

​Generally, all top coats are professionally sprayed on.

All of our finishes produce outstanding durability, depth, clarity, aesthetics and has a smooth touch and feel.

Additional Services Offered 

Items Restored, Refinished or Custom-built Include:
Desks and Credenzas
Elevator Wood-Panels
Receptionist Stations
Wall Units, Cabinets & Display Cases
Restaurant/Bar fixtures and Furniture
Modular Furniture
Conference Tables
Doors, Frames and Moldings
Wall Panels and Trim
Millwork and more...                                    

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FinishSmith also provides complete solutions for all of your church furniture and interior needs. If you are in need of merely stripping and refinishing your church pews, we offer the highest quality workmanship. If your furniture refinishing needs require complete renovation of your church furniture including reupholstering of seating, furniture, wall panels or refinishing pulpit furniture, we are confident that choosing our expertise for your church is the right choice. We understand the importance of making your church furniture beautiful.
​* Restore Church Pews Alters Statues Stands Tabernacles Gold And Silver Plating 
* Pew Refinishing and Upholstery* Refinishing Pulpit Furniture* Upholstery* New Pews*  
  Your removable architectural woodwork can be stripped in shop

We touch-up, strip and refinish, match color and stain, repair, refurbish and restore, build custom made parts, protect and preserve the natural beauty of wood furniture and other woodwork including upholstery. 

We also can remove your existing pews and replace with custom fold up chairs and foot rests.
  ' Century Home Restoration' From basement to attic, complete restorative services available
    for all of our Ohio residents designed to keep your home the envy of your neighborhood!